K.T.E Ltd., start the activity in the hydraulic field in 1978, KTE managed by Rami, Eran and Tal Kitzony.

KTE has the experience in Importation, marketing & sales, planning, producing, and repairing of mechanic, truck-mounted concrete pumps, mortar machines, industrial and recycling, agricultural equipment that combined high-pressure hydraulic system.

The company offices located in Kibbutz Givaa’t Hashlosha, and it is very easy to arrive from all over the country. In the company a very large workshop to repair a hydraulic motors and pumps, in the workshop a there is the biggest facility to check engine and pumps, also there are an available in stock spare parts and equipment.


Rami Kitzony – K.T.E Ltd authorized to represent exclusively in Israel by giving a repairing service for the equipment of the following companies:

PutzmeisterGermany, Leadership in develops, produces, sells and serves in the following areas: truck-mounted concrete pumps, stationary concrete pumps, mortar machines, Industrial technology and special applications.

Linde HydraulicGermany, the one of the biggest producer of quality hydraulic pumps and motors in the world.

Scania Industrial & Marine EnginesSweden, diesel engine and very powerful andeconomized generators.

Enerpac – leadership in products and services hydraulic equipment for theindustry with hi-pressure of 700 bar, products and services to the markets ofprestressed concrete in building & bridges.

RoquetSpain general hydraulic equipment, pumps, motors, valves, directional control valves, etc…



Between our customers you find: Israel Ministry of Defense, manufacturing – metals and machinery, plastic factories, electric power stations, infrastructure and building companies, construction, maintenance-repair and operations, etc…


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